Vietnamwork – Vietnam’s No. 1 online recruitment website, and to adapt with large volume of CV from several majors for employers, Vietnamwork need to boost Ads and bring potential employees to Vietnamwork sites, and ensure they will submit their CV. 


Client requests drive CV for employers by running focus on Google search (SEM) channel. But the volume search of SEM per month is limited.

 Process and Strategy: 

Cross channel – Beside active users looking for Job, users need to raise aware about the Job first (on Facebook) so they move to stage consider for it. (on Google) 

Step 1: Choose the right platform for audience  awareness through social media (Facebook)

Step 2: Optimize for combine awareness and consider stage, choose format ads and set up conversion goal

Step 3: Define right audience reach them right time 

Channel: Google, Facebook

Model: CPC

Achieve: Deliver enough CV they need with saving their cost for each CVs